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The Air Purifier Plant

Posted on October 9, 2011 at 4:40 PM
Sanseviera is, in my opinion the most modern looking and befenficial of indoor plants. It's unfortunate this plant is given dreadful names,   “Snake Plant”,  which is due to  its variegated scale-motif colors of dark green, light green, white and yellow,  and  another horrible  name,  ” Mohter-in-law’s Tongue”, which is named after its bladelike shape leaves.
Sansevieria as an Air Filter
This amazing plant gained its popularity in 1999,  when after a 25-year research, NASA revealed that Sansevieria has an excellent capability of absorbing 107 unknown air pollutants including carbon monoxide and nitrogen monoxide.   Another study by Wolverton Environmental Service found that Sansevieria, the Mohter-in-law’s Tongue, absorbs formaldehyde, chloroform, benzene, xylene, and trichloroethylene. Thus Sansevieria does the job of purifying the indoor air.
There are about 15 plants that NASA recommended as pollutant absorber plants, but Sansevieria is apparently the most ideal, as this plant is easy to grow, has a  long life  time with an excellent capacity to absorb many household toxic airborne pollutants and convert them to harmless substances. A study found that Sansevieria can absorb up to 80% of air pollutants. Just 2 potted mature Sansevieria can clean the air pollution of a 100 sqft room. Another virtue of Sansevieria is it has  CAM metabolism (crasulaceaen acid metabolism);   releasing oxygen to the air at night, and not consuming it like other plants commonly do.  This makes Sansevieria ideal to be used as an indoor plant, as a natural way to fight Sick Building Syndrome.
Considering the kind of toxic airborne substances  this Mohter-in-law’s Tongue can absorb, by using Sansevieria as an indoor plant you will be saved from a wide range of health risks such as,  irritation to skin and eyes, dizziness, weakness, euphoria, headache, nausea, blurred vision, respiratory diseases, tremors, irregular heartbeat, liver and kidney damage, and even paralysis.
Many proved that Sansevieria does not only absorb the indoor pollutants, it also eliminates bad odors. So if your new furniture still has a strong adhesive smell, or you just painted the wall, or your room constantly smells bad, 2 pots of  mature Sansevieria probably can  free you from suffering undesired odor.

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