Feng Shui for Love and Romance – Improve your Love Life through Feng Shui

Posted on March 14, 2011 at 4:08 PM
residential plantsAre you and your romantic partner not getting along – is there a lot of disagreement conflict when there used to be love and togetherness? Or, do you not have a romantic partner in your life but wish you could find one? Properly applying the principles of Feng Shui might be just what you need to fix that relationship or find a new one, and it might be as simple as making a few simple adjustments. Feng Shui helps with many important life goals, including career, wealth, education, etc. One of the most important, and popular, Feng Shui goals is Love and Relationship. You can use Feng Shui to find a partner or improve your existing relationship. The back right corner of any room or home is the Feng Shui Love and Relationship corner, but your bedroom is the best place to start to improve your Feng Shui Love and Relationship energy. Examine your bedroom, especially the back right corner of your bedroom, right now and see what items are there – next to your bed, on your walls, in the corners. Is there a garbage pail there? Is that why your love life is in the garbage pail? Do you have a picture of your ex-love there? Is that why you can’t move on? Do you have a picture of your mom there? Something else that is not very romantic? Remove anything that doesn’t scream love and romance to you.Note the color of your walls, carpet and sheets. If they are depressing, dark, or just not romantic you might want to change them, or improve them with highlights like romantic colored sheets or curtains. What are romantic Feng Shui colors you ask? Romantic Feng Shui colors are pink and peach. Use these colors liberally in your bedroom and Love and Relationship area of your home for optimal romance in your life.In Feng Shui two of anything represents a harmonious and balanced relationship, and items that are pairs or couples bring good couple energy into your home and life. Do you have two identical nightstands on either side of your bed with identical lamps? You should. Make sure there are two pillows on your bed with matching pillow cases. Is there a picture on the wall? If there is it should be a pair or couple, not one figure, whether it’s an animal, person, or thing. There should not be a picture of a single person or animal in your bedroom because it represents isolation, the opposite of what you are trying to achieve. Your bedroom should represent to you the romantic ideal you seek. Same thing with any statues or figures – they should be matching pairs. Pairs of anything are good to have in your bedroom, especially a Feng Shui romantic cure like love candles or hearts. There should not be any pictures that are not romantic in your bedroom – no photos of children, or sad people. The ideal picture to hang on the wall in your bedroom, if you have a partner, is a photo of you and your partner, preferably a romantic photo or one that reminds you both of a happy and romantic time in your relationship.Do you have room on either side of your bed, or do you and your partner have to squeeze into bed from the same side? Make room on both sides so you both have room to go to bed, and if you don’t have a partner there will be room for one to enter your life. You want your entire room to have the look you expect it to have when your ideal partner becomes a permanent part of your life and your bedroom. And for some extra powerful romantic energy hang a Marriage & Union Hanger in the back right corner of your bedroom. This double coin hanger represents the perfect blending of partners, and brings good luck to marriage and relationships.

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Reply Salene
9:07 PM on August 31, 2011 
Can a single person use the marriage and union hanger or is it meant for couples?
Reply Love
9:15 AM on October 2, 2012 
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6:22 AM on January 19, 2013 
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Reply Windy Cooke
5:46 AM on February 14, 2013 
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