Use Feng Shui to Lose Weight

Posted on March 9, 2011 at 7:49 AM
Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement, which controls the flow of Chi around you. Living a Feng Shui life can help you with many things, including losing weight. If you create an environment that disrupts the natural flow of good Chi, you also disrupt the natural harmony in your life; with the Feng Shui life you can learn how to use good Chi to help balance your life and all that is in it.
Losing weight with Feng Shui in your life simply requires a few adjustments to your surroundings. It's easy and well worth the effort to achieve your weight loss goals. Some ways in which you can add the Feng Shui life to help with losing weight include for example, adding the color red to your surroundings. Red is a high-energy color that helps to keep your body active and burning calories. 
Clear your home of clutter. Clutter has a way of disrupting Chi so if there are areas of your home that you know need to be tidied up, but have just not been able to bring yourself to do it, now is a good time.
As color is often very important with a Feng Shui life, it may not be surprising to learn that there is also a color that can help to deter eating. If you place black on your table, as well as around your refrigerator and pantry, you will feel less of a need to eat when you are not truly hungry. 
It is best to avoid a view of your kitchen from your front doorway. There are ways in which you can obscure the view of your kitchen from the main room in your house by adding a Chinese screen, or hanging beads in the doorway between your kitchen and living room. This will also help offset your urge to eat.
Add lots of mirrors to your living environment. This is an incredible motivator to get you going. The more you see yourself, the better you will remember your goal of weight loss. In addition to a reminder about your goal, mirrors also help to give you encouragement when you are successfully losing those extra pounds.
Practice some meditation before eating your meals. Focus on the food only bringing nutrition to your body and not adding extra pounds. Remember it is good energy that will bring you success with the Feng Shui life. Keep that in mind and you should be reaching your weight loss goal within no time.

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